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Japanese Albums Information

Album title: Here & There - SES Singles Collection

S.E.S. Best Album (singles collection)!!
This album contains all of S.E.S.'s Hit Singles, including singles released only in Japan!

Album title: Reach Out

S.E.S first album released in March 1999 in Japan.

Album title: PRIME - the best

The first three tracks which were originally in Korean were translated into Japanese for "Prime". The rest were Japanese while the last song is their newest single was a new song for this album. The songs here are R&B and hiphop. "Ai to Iu Na no Hokori" (A pride called love) "Yume o Kasanete," and "Meguriau Sekai" sound very similar and are examples of their R&B style. "Sign of Love" is probably one of the onlye tracks that stray from this R&B theme with a stronger dance beat. What's also cool about this cd is that it contains cool music video clips for the CD-extra making it worth it and where you can check out the girls' profiles as well as see clips from a few of their music videos.

Album title: Be Ever Wonderful

Album title: I Love You (Taiwan Version) / Special Package

This Special Package CD comes with S.E.S. full-color Picture Post Cards

Korean Albums Information

Album title: S.E.S 4 - A Letter from Greenland

The long anticipated S.E.S 4 awaits for all S.E.S fans. This 4th album is entitled "A Letter From Greenland." It includes different genres of music such as R& B, HipHop, Ballad, and Jazz. It features a more mature style of S.E.S that proves that they are no longer the cute little girls that they were once before. They shed off their youth and mature into young women with strong voices that prove that they have talent. This album is different from their past albums because it mostly consists of Ballads and R&Bs. Their title song is Show Me Your Love which is written by all the members. Sea (Bada) also wrote 4 out of the 14 songs on the album. This album also includes S.E.S Message, Behind the 4th Album where you can watch them rehearse and do their photo shoot, S.E.S 4th Album Player, Gallery, Homepage, and Accessory which consists of Wallpaper, S.E.S 3D World, and Screensaver.

Album title: S.E.S 4 - A Letter from Greenland (Taiwan Version) / Special Pack

S.E.S 4 (Taiwan Version) comes with 2 postcards, and a S.E.S mini-notebook.

Album title: S.E.S 3 - Love

Album title: S.E.S 2 - Dreams Come True

Album title: S.E.S - Oh My Love