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Have you always longed for a JPOP radio station in your area? Well, look no further! We've picked out the best JPOP public broadcasts on the Internet for your listening pleasure, wherever you may be in this world. You even get to view artist/song information as you're listening, so you'll always know who and what you're listening to!

Speed Play Information
T1/DSL Play Audguy's JPOP Station
  Play HardcoreJ JPOP Station. This station is broadcasted in MP3Pro.
  Play JPOP Extreme Station
  Play JPOP One. This station is broadcasted in MP3Pro.
  Play Anime Radio Nook (Anime/JPOP/Dance)
  Play AnimeGathering Radio (Anime/JPOP)
  Play Anime Toshokan J-Radio (Anime/JPOP/Video game music)
56K Play JapanPop Station
  Play Asakura Daisuke Jpop (only songs by this composer/producer, includes TM Revolution)
28K Play Extreme Anime Radio (plays Anime, JPOP, & JROCK)
  Play Anime-Town Station (only music from anime)

Radio stations not playing for you? Here is some help on How to Listen
Is a radio station no longer working? Please let us know.