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The past 2 years the fast growth of online shopping mall, the state Commerce Department apt beyond subserve the orthodox commerce undertaking e-commerce evolution, web and physical markets apt promote integration as one of the priorities, numerous shoe companies apt add them, if early in array to "early adopters "It namely immediately somewhat" was pedaled to rebellion "and namely acceptable to the taste. Channel expansion trapped, extremity expansion labor, stock piles of shoes, these are practical problems faced by enterprises. The ultimate intention of commerce namely profit, and profit costs and bargains has been carried away. Entities in the network when the market forced to guide the market, enterprises, how to step ample, needless to mention. Taobao transactions in 2009 had 200 billion yuan. According to iResearch's examine, in 2009 online shopping transaction size 248.35 billion yuan, up 93.7%, expected in 2013 anticipated to exceed 1 trillion yuan; online shoppers scale crash 100 million, up 37.5% of its 2010 The proportion of always Internet consumers is expected to exceed 30%. These file show that scale up enterprises have additional their emphasis aboard the network no longer remain in the early days, "This is a latent market, accounting for a hill repeat." One of the most ironic example is Suning. Zhang Jindong, leader has said publicly that its web share of the market's contempt, but in August 2009 Suning set up the "Tesco", to mushroom investment in e-commerce, has set in "2010 yearly sales of 1.5 to 2 billion "target. In the boot industry, Peak Group, said in 2010 entered the county-level cities in the stores, meantime e-commerce businesses. With the touch scale up enterprises, "net" rob from the physical end of the movement scatter to the virtual network. However, the network aisle, once and for all, is differ from the traditional channels. How to traditional channels and network channels to determination the conflict? How to sell properties to accustom to the network channels? How to promote the network? How to vanquish the sense of a lack of experience and service laborious problem? How to solve logistics problems? This shoe enterprises have transform obstacles to electronic business. Many enthusiastically into the corporation market is full of temptations, they walk constantly trembling tottering losses and some others "do not comprehend" the market alternatively simply saw the opportunity Shuangshoubaoxiong After Past. In truth, as whichever of the conduct of actions, network sale is the key to select the applicable prototype and clever promotion. And these 2 are inseparable from the paradigm shift and innovation. Li Ning shoes enterprises tin be narrated in the online shopping market's big champion, since 2008, after the establishment of e-commerce ministry, among one year sales growth of 12 times its network up to 2 million members of the network 6 million in Taobao's Official Online Shop of every platform day trading worth exceeds 100,000 yuan, and occupy a lot of younger user teams to expand the sales area, to maintain the mark picture, mushroom reputation. The success lies in a alike entity built channels of Li Ning's network channels and store management systems. Li Ning, e-commerce sector in extra than a year after the establishment of the period, the focus is extra than 1,000 online stores as authentication and treatment into their own system, were transformed into the flagship store, category stores, discount stores, etc., the reunification of items , pricing, marketing, strategic management, to assure consistent mark picture. To comply with the network context, Li Ning has also set up a digital marketing ministry, responsible for community outreach, communication and message assembly, the Department of its activities and e-commerce sales together. That in our view, the product devise mores can no be passed to consumers is the key to the formation of buying,Coach Leather Handbags, digital marketing has done a sequence of activities that communicate brand and product experience are agreeable increasingly near, and can mainly promote sales growth. Another innovative brand shoes and apparel are likewise beginning to achieve the effectiveness of tries. The brand ambition be in Wuhan,Coach Totes Bags, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other major cities out thousands of square meters of solid experience shop,Coach Bags, shop, exhibit only one product each, ambition be playing thing on the cost tag and network value, such as the purchase is paid instantly physical amount, if the market to buy the network, you can cash on delivery. National logistics heart in Shanghai, each of merchandise shop only to mail a example, the repose are on the Shanghai storehouse to arrange for the national distribution. In the promotion, the brand will be a national network of market with zero initial fare, zero input, naught hazard to recruit 1 million network agent. The network deputy has a distinctive domain names, entire of these domain names point to the network of shopping malls, all way to the network via the network proxy domain and achieve shopping mall, the results are logged below the appoint of the network proxy. This is equivalent to a domain name at all times you can beginning one online shop, and do not own stock, photo, service, allocation and so attractive. Although numerous joined the ranks of network Taobao shoe companies, have accepted product development, logistics and construction to enhance e-commerce businesses, yet they absence expertise on organization and management, led by the high-level e-commerce sector, in marketing is still in use in stores, on the way , there is no in-depth understanding in promoting the marrow of the network. This is the same way in the use of times been to rill flow, do not drown curious. GUO Jian Li Ning COO in the new view, the true should be e-commerce, Internet marketing and digital marketing into a entire to fashion a kind of alphabetical "products from the brand experience through the mores to down, for different purchaser groups, Precision Marketing, precision-oriented Communication. " At present, several companies are moving in this exertion or have such knowledge? Any period, cerebral resources to consumers the brand is a kind of occupation. As the saying goes, what songs to sing what mountain to try to buy into the network market,Coach Outlet, enterprises are to catch the consumers, looting channels must be re-established for the network marketing commerce model and marketing reach, adjusting the interior workflow. Of lesson, the extent and pace of freedom of the span of the enterprise's overall strategy to be determined. Today, network marketing is showing unusual vitality and potential of creating possibilities, and opportunities will all be ready to depart rather than await for people. When the physical end of the campaign to the network, the virtual earth has become not "truce", who will fight to win is nice "grab" human.
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