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By : Maria Rocelyn
Submitted 2011-04-29 16:45:02 jupiter is buoyant enough inattitude to relate to equally exuberant Sagittarius. Together, they promote an upbeat philosophy of living that helps our spirit soar to greater heights of awareness.Fiery fupiter shows the same infectious enthusiasm that the Archer does, but it is able to sustain its exhilaration for longer periods of time, due to its greater devotional streak. It’s less restless for change than is Sagittarius, a sign as notorious as Aries for its short attention span (that’s probably because the Archer knows there is so much in life to which it wants to become exposed,coach outlet, and yet there is so little time to do it all-whereas Aries’lack of enduring attention is more a case of disinterest). Sagittarius, being mutable in disposition, is prone to waver, waffle, switch sides, weasel out of things, pass the buck, or renege at the last minute-especially when it’s starting to feel trapped by a commitment (mutable signs always think they have a perfect right to change their minds, no matter what they’ve previous promised-and this is doubly the case for the fiery Archer).
But all the fire planets (Sun, are fi.lled with the drive and courage to blaze on, as if impervious to obstacles in their path. Mars, and fupiter) |upiter would rather think it will succeed in its endeavors than fail.Why bail out when you know you re going to end up a winner? Of course, both Sagittarius and |upiter can be victims of poor judgment (maybe more so overconfi.-They lack the power of discrimination found in Virgo and the earthy side of Mercury, and thus they’ll need to pay closer attention to life’s smaller but critical details. dent |upiter).ClosingComments Wherever Sagittarius is in our chart describes where life is trying to show us how good things can be, if only we’d just have more trust in ourselves. Fear or narrow-mindedness never works in our favor here (or probably anywhere else). Yet sloppy thinking, based on a reluc-tance to apply a little logic and reason to our circumstances, can result in big disappointments.
We overestimate our potential, or misjudge what our environment can offer us. Also, the grass is not always greener elsewhere,gucci on sale, so let’s be carefirl not to literally run away from any current problems needing to be squarely addressed (those same problems will crop up in our new locale). Actually if we try to get in better contact with our spiritual self-our trusty inner guide-situations can turn out very well for us. Our faith can create a few miracles, within reason. But procrastination or unrealistic expectations keep us from feeling rewarded by life. Our Sagittarian parts also urge us to get beyond our petqr, smallworld concerns by volunteering to do something noble and inspirational to help society raise its consciousness. Give us big, important social projects to energetically crusade for, ones that promote the welfare of others on broad, humane levels. Yet Sagittarius doesn’t want to be all alone championing such campaigns. It needs to network withpeople of good faith and honorable intentions.
(However, Libra is willing to teach the Archer about the art of tact, since one of Sagittarius’ less-attractive traits is that it’s too blunt in its observations and judgments about society’s shortcomings. Libra suggests dipping into diplo-macy’s honeypot to sweeten the Archer’s fiery rhetoric.) Sagittarius points out where we have a talent for spreading the right vibes needed to boost team spirit, the kind most necessary for fi,rlfilling high-minded goals.Feuous Secrrrenre.N TypBs (natal Sagittarius placements listed) Noel Coward, songwriter-acfor.’ Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus Margaret Mead, anthropologist: Sun, Mercury, Uranus Mark Twain, author-humorisf.’ Sun, Venus,Gucci on sale, Mars Tina Turner, singer: Sun, Mercury, Venus Wlliam Blake, poet-artist: Sun, Mercury,
|upiter Bette Midler, singer-actress: Sun, Mercury

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